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HOW TO MAKE A WEBSITE USING WORDPRESS? WordPress is a powerful hosting platform and helps you create your own website for free and reach heights with your business services. Today everyone has its own identity in the online world. Unless you don’t have it, you cannot make it higher. WordPress has been a boon to help you create your presence online. A very simplistic way to build a website through WordPress and change the way your end users would want to connect to you. So, sign up with WordPress and go build your exclusive website for free with just a few clicks.

Get online now with WordPress!

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mx100-introCrucial brings the MX100 which is a 2.5 inch internal SSD (solid-state disk or drive) with 256GB capacity and SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface. This product is targeted to the end users as high performance yet cost effective. Its architecture is in line with the earlier M500 and M550 series from parent brand Crucial, the difference being in the flash chip sets used. It uses Micron 16nm chips as opposed to the 19nm chips used in the previous generation. The best choice for MX100 series is Crucial MX100 256GB version.

Other specifications include the Marvell 88SS9189-BLD2 controller (this is the upgraded version of controllers used in the M500 series), 238.5GB usable capacity, 7mm thickness, MU01 firmware, 16 MLC flash chips on the PCB (produced by Micron), a DRAM chip and a 3 year warranty. Since the drive is made of metal it is highly durable. It is compatible with Intel’s Ultrabook specifications owing to its 7mm thickness. It is backward compatible with older SATA interfaces but may not have optimal performance.


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Sometime or the other we all have gazed at that sparkling wooden floor in an high end restaurant or coffee shop and gasped a breathe with a sigh at the posh look it gives. What if someone tells you that it is highly affordable to adore your very own property? Yes. The current trend to beautify interior flooring is Laminated Wood Flooring. These are highly wallet friendly, easy to install, easy to keep it sparkling clean, prevents stains from setting in and comes in attractive designs. What more can you ask for “that” perfect place to step in? The pros are up to the moon that it washes out the minimal cons of slippery texture and the flooring being a bit hard to walk on. Yes, they are definitely a product that should always be given preference from Wood 2 U Company to when one considers flooring their property with highly durable and rich looking wooden planks.

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Cleaning window shutters is fairly simple. Regular dusting with a soft cloth or feather duster is the best way. If stains occur, clean the spot with damp cloth lightly. The shutters should not be opened using the tilt rod, this should be used only to open and close the louvers. Shutters should be opened using the stile once the louvers open.

The louvers themselves should not be connected too tightly (they will be difficult to tilt) or too loose (They will not remain open). Tension screws should be checked periodically (and equally on both sides) to ensure that the louvers move correctly.

A small brush can be used to touch up any chipped paint from the louvers.

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